Zero Landfill Waste

Maximizing Recycling and Producing Clean Energy

Reducing the overall needs for landfills while maximizing recycling and producing clean energy.

Energy Technologies Inc. is combining our technologies with those of Bio Carbon Fuels. ETI's H2 technology extracts clean, usable hydrogen from MSW. This process also creates waste materials. Those waste materials COULD be thrown into a landfill. But the difference is that Bio Carbon Fuels is taking all of the materials left over from the H2 productin process and either recycling or pelletizing them to use as fuel for gasifiers to power gas turbines to make electricity. The net result is a system that utilizes all materials coming into a typical landfill without needing the real estate to bury it (by recycling useful materials and producing both hydrogen and electricity as well as recycling the water).


Converting Waste to Green Hydrogen

Bio-reformation units producing H2 equivalent to 4 Megawatts of electricity continuously.
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MSW to H2 hydrogen can be sold or distributed at pumps, for H2 Vehicles, just like traditional gas stations. The hydrogen from the Bio-Reformers is stored in hydrogen tanks which can then be used for any applicaiton. Energy rich waste is funneled from the solution tanks into the Hydrogen Bio-Reformers. These machines convert the waste, methane and other chemicals into usable clean hydrogen. The solution tanks agitate the waste causing lighter plastics to float to the top for removal, heavy metals to sink to the bottom, and usable waste materials to form in the mid part of the tanks. a Grinder once again breaks down the remaining waste into small pieces to dump into the solution tanks. The Cross-Belt Suspension Magnets pull out any small pieces of metal that are still in the waste during the Picking Conveyer stage. The Picking Conveyer is the only step that involves people. These workers pick out any parts that the automated processes might not be able to break down, or that need to special sorting. The Eddy Current Separator is an advanced metal sorting unit that is capable of separating non-ferrous metals from iron or plastics. A shredded grinds up all of the waste into smaller pieces and ejects it onto an Eddy Current Separator. A baler compresses and bales plastic that can be removed from the trash conversion process. An Inclined feed conveyer carrys the trash up to dump into a shredder. Garbage Trucks deliver unsorted waste to the H2 facility, dumping it on an inclining floor.

Eco H2® Planned Bio Reformation Facility at new Eco Park in Cimahi, Indonesia

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Additional Development Plans

WTE Facility Genertating 116MW/hr power and 6000 kg/day of Hydrogen fuel from 2400 ton/day of MSW

MSW to H2

ETI is proud to be fully ISO 9001: 2008 CertifiedEco H2® Planned Bio Reformation Facility at new Eco Park in Cimahi, Indonesia

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